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Why I created the BEST life program.

I'm not naturally one of the happiest guys in the world. I don't even fit ALL the categories of those people who report they are happy.

But by developing a new reality about this stage of life, I've been able to approach life differently and live my BEST life.

What I realized is that, at this age, I have maybe 20-25 good years left. So, when it comes to the game of life - this is it! I don't have time to waste being unhappy. What I do have, however, is the health and freedom to live my best life NOW. 

Here are the main benefits of this program and why it exists:

  • There is power in partnership. We all need partners -- cheerleaders, role models, and coaches -- they help by giving us feedback for goals.
  • We need to focus on DOING something we enjoy. Something that gives our lives satisfaction and meaning -- then challenge ourselves by making short-term goals, with attainable results (OKR's).
  • We must learn to be our own advocates. We need to develop the tools/muscles to help us fight our inner demons and get ourselves back in the game.
  • We all must develop personal health routines. We need ways to stay strong and healthy -- and then support each other, to help to strengthen our self-regulation and will power.